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Ashes Of Creation Is Bringing In Realistic Taverns To Promote Socializing In-Game

Ashes Of Creation Is Bringing In Realistic Taverns To Promote Socializing In-Game

In most games, whether MMO or RPG, having a tavern or twenty is pretty commonplace. However, they also have very little in-game functionality. Ashes of Creation wants to change that, because in most set ups, the Tavern should be a major social hub. But it never really is. So seeing that change will be pretty interesting. Or, as the development team at Intrepid Studios insist, the Tavern "should be more than just another place to get 'rest XP' when you log out."
If you want to take a better look at the detail going into the taverns of Verra in the new blog post. In it, the devs detail the many ways in which players can expect the humble tavern to change their in-game experience in Ashes of Creation.
But in short, the changes come down to the following:
  • Rested experience (of course!)
  • Customization by the owner of the building
  • Varying music
  • Bulletin boards with player-run quests
  • Place and take bounties on corrupted players
  • Battle maps with combat benefits for parties to strategize
  • Tavern games to earn (or lose) extra gold
  • Tables that serve as group finders for content
  • Information about what's happening in the world filters through the tavern
In other news, the game is also hosting a 24-hour Extra Life fund-raising stream this weekend. Those who participate with a donation to Extra Life will have a chance to win a key for December's Alpha 0! The top donor and one random donor will be drawn each of the 24 hours for a total of 48 keys being given away during the event!
You can find more information on both the new update and the Extra Life fund-raising stream on the official forums.

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