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Ashes Of Creation Reveals New Content In January 2023 Livestream
Intrepid Studios held a special livestream today for Ashes Of Creation, showing off more content updates on the way The team held a nearly an hour and forty minutes broadcast hosted by the studio's Creative Director, Steven Sharif, and the Director of Communications, Margaret Krohn The stream showed off a number of items as they[...]
Ashes Of Creation Shows Off Unreal 5 Engine Performance
Intrepid Studios has released new video footage of Ashes Of Creation as they highlight parts of the game using Unreal Engine 5 Two videos have been released, both of them we have for you below along with some added info from the development team The first is the UE5 preview, which is basically a trailer[...]
Ashes Of Creation Releases A 90-Minute 4K Gameplay Video
Intrepid Studios has opened up a Content Creator Program this week tied to their game, Ashes Of Creation The team are looking for people who are currently making content, specifically, if they're involved with making a podcast, fansite, video channel, or live stream channel. Those interested in the Content Creator Program just need to fill out this[...]
Ashes Of Creation Releases A 90-Minute 4K Gameplay Video
Intrepid Studios decided to release some new footage from Ashes Of Creation as we get a better look at the game in 4K quality We have the video for you below as the team recently decided to share a look at the Alpha One Siege area along with some of the Raid Bosses that they[...]
Ashes Of Creation Releases A 90-Minute 4K Gameplay Video
Intrepid Studios released a new video today showing off highlights of the Alpha Test for Ashes Of Creation The company launched the test for four days to get a lay of the land as to how players would be able to handle the game as well as how it responded tot hat many people on[...]
Ashes Of Creation Releases A 90-Minute 4K Gameplay Video
Intrepid Studios finally revealed the dates and details of their upcoming alpha test for Ashes Of Creation The studio released a new  Creative Director's Letter from Steven Sharif today, outlining what will be happening in the alpha and what's all included in it for players to experiment with The first Alpha One Preview will happen[...]
Ashes Of Creation Releases A 90-Minute 4K Gameplay Video
This week, Intrepid Studios would like to show you what Ashes Of Creation looks like at its best with a brand new 4K gameplay video The developers sat down and created a lengthy video featuring 90 minutes of content from within the game as they explore and show off how everything looks in the MMO[...]
"Ashes Of Creation"
Intrepid Studios have released a new creature into Ashes Of Creation as you'll be scattering across the planes on top of a Scalerunner The devs showed off the new beast this week, which serves as a new mount to get where you need to go quickly, but is also terrifying and comes with its own[...]
"Ashes Of Creation" Will Launch Their Alpha In 2020
The first week of January marks some cool news from Intrepid Studios as they will be releasing the Alpha for Ashes Of Creation in 2020 The creative director put out a post talking about the year they just had and the year ahead Within it, they discuss their plans for their Alpha release, which they're[...]
"Ashes Of Creation" SHows Off Creation Of "The Servant Of The Damned"
Intrepid Studios have released a new video and blog post showing off the creation of the latest Ashes Of Creation addition called "The Servant Of The Damned" It's a pretty cool video of how they went about making the creatures and some of the additional material in the game You can watch the video below[...]
"Ashes Of Creation" Brought A New Trailer To Gamescom
Intrepid Studios showed up to Gamescom 2019 with a new trailer of their own as they showed off more of Ashes Of Creation The game has been in development now for what feels like ages, and each time we get a new update they seem to be adding more The latest trailer you see below[...]
"Ashes Of Creation" Shows Off A Developer Video Of A
The developers at Intrepid Studios have released a new dev diary for Ashes Of Creation, showing off their creation of a horse in the game The company released a new blog and a video talking about the creation of the animal in the game and how they got to where it is It actually looks[...]
Ashes of Creation Details Economic Nodes in Latest Update
Unlike most MMORPGs, Intrepid Studios' Ashes of Creation lets players build just about everything available in the world through the use of a node system. Each node type brings something different to the game, and the latest post on the blog features the economic node type, which naturally brings players the ability to build markets, handle trades,[...]
Ashes of Creation Covers Set Design and In-Game Tech in New Dev Diary
In a recently published Dev Diary for Ashes of Creation, Intrepid Studios revealed information on how the game designers chose to discuss the technology that shapes the in-game buildings The diary is hosted by Senior Environment Artist Devin Lafontaine and CEO/ Creative Director Steven Sharif The developer diary is a fascinating look behind the scenes of one of[...]
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse Siege Maps Preview Video
Intrepid Studios has released a new trailer showing off a new set of maps coming to Ashes of Creation Apocalypse's beta–which is still happening The next update will bring the castle siege to the game, which is basically a fiery battle over a castle at the gates, which they've created a trailer for you to check[...]
Intrepid Studios Shows a Livestream Update for Ashes of Creation
Before the developers take the holidays off, the folks at Intrepid Studios have provided a little more info on Ashes of Creation It's been a few months since we've seen a ton from the game, but this week the crew loaded up an hour-long livestream showing off a gameplay update, which you can watch below[...]
Ashes of Creation banner
Intrepid Studios has announced a massive summer update for its MMO Ashes of Creation, which is entering its first Alpha test phase in the coming weeks Highlights of the update include new mounts, housing options, and cosmetic updates, as well new action combat. The studio is hosting a PAX Panel on September 1st at 10:30 a.m[...]
Ashes of Creation key art
Intrepid Studios has announced seven major new hires for their San Diego studio, which works on the ambitious MMO Ashes of Creation The MMO industry vets joining the team have a combined work experience of over a century The developer is looking to add an additional 21 new positions in the coming weeks with a new[...]
Ashes of Creation is Hosting a Livestream on Monday
Intrepid Studios has announced that it is ahead of schedule in its sprint toward the first phase of Alpha One and has hired seven new team members Much of what they've been working on, as well as introductions to the new team, will come during the Ashes of Creation live stream which is scheduled for Monday[...]
Ashes of Creation Wants to Change How You Play MMOs, and It Just Might Succeed
Intrepid Studios' Ashes of Creation is a pretty ambitious MMORPG project being developed former AAA developers Speaking with the team at PAX East, it was obvious that Ashes is a labor of love for everyone involved in the project — from producer to art designer — the team was incredibly passionate about making an MMO[...]
Ashes of Creation Releases a Lore Journal and New Dungeon Highlight Reel
Intrepid Studios' continues to work on Ashes of Creation, and today's video gives an update on the lore of the city of Dünheim and its dungeon We've got a lore journal as well as a highlight reel today, but we'll start with the background first Intrepid Studios released a lore journal that is ostensibly the diary of[...]
Ashes of Creation Shows Off Their Latest Gameplay Video
A little something special from Intrepid Studios today as they have released a pre-alpha gameplay video for Ashes Of Creation, showing off some of the new features in the game To be clear, this footage is actually from a livestream they did on their Twitch channel to show off features to whoever may be watching, but[...]
Latest Ashes of Creation Trailer Shows Off the UnderRealm
Today Intrepid Studios released a new trailer for upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation This time we get to look at one of the more bizarre areas coming to the game, the UnderRealm Thanks to some glowing trees and strange looking monsters, the UnderRealm looks pretty darn cool. The game also has some impressive graphic fidelity and art[...]
Ashes of Creation has Unveiled All 64 of its Playable Classes
Credit// Intrepid Studios Ashes of Creation just might have the most insane class system we've seen in a long time Thanks to player input during the game's Alpha test phase, the developers at Intrepid Studios have come up with a secondary class system which gives you 64 playable class combinations. Intrepid has defended their decision saying, "players[...]
A Simplified MMORPG With 'Ashes Of Creation' At PAX West
Intrepid Studios popped into PAX West with a lot of fire under them as they brought in Ashes Of Creation to the floor The game actually looked like one of the best MMORPG titles during the entire convention, and the buildup for it has been impressive as there's always something new being mentioned about the[...]
Ashes of Creation
It definitely seems like the team at Intrepid Studios is enjoying their PAX, which is always a good thing Gotta wonder about the timing, though. The Day One video is below. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: PAX West – Ashes of Creation Day 1 ( "We are LIVE from Seattle, at PAX WEST with our[...]