Battlefield V Players Feel They're Dying Too Quickly

Battlefield V

The time it takes a player to kill an enemy and the time it takes for the player to die are big parts of any game, but especially high-paced first-person shooters like Battlefield V. And since the game launched, Battlefield players have argued that the time-to-die rate is far too high compared to other games in the series.

DICE's core gameplay designer Florian Le Bihan has stated on Twittter that changes to both time-to-kill and time-to-die rates are coming soon. The development studio has also gone on Reddit to discuss the issue and possible solutions for it, as well. The Reddit post by the Battlefield team at DICE directly quoted Bihan on the TTK and TTD issue:

The TTD experience is one of our high priorities right now and there are a lot of important and complex pieces that are being investigated to identify any issues in that area, including netcode.

We are also expanding the scope of our investigation and improvements to other components that are directly related to the player experience when it comes to getting shot, receiving damage, etc.

Another important piece is that we want to closely look at how we can improve consistency of the gameplay across all platforms, but also consider how we can ensure that latency does not reduce the quality of that experience for all our players around the world.

As part of Battlefield V's live service, we want to involve you in experimenting some changes that we believe could improve the overall experience and create a deeper gameplay.

The first experiment we want to run is a TTK change that we will be closely measuring soon.

This TTK experiment may take the following shape but may change as we're still investigating how to approach. It may be proposed to players in-game by rolling out the new TTK changes globally to all players connecting to any server, while adding a new playlist accessible through the server browser where players can play the old (or as it is, current) TTK to compare the two experiences.

While DICE is looking to rebalance the TTK and TTD ecosystem in Battlefield V in a future patch, the change won't be shipping out with the Tides of War: Overture update next week, although the Overture update will have some tweaks coming that might keep players from dying too easily.

DICE also posted a list of TTK and TTD facts players should know, to help them understand what value TTK and TTD have for the dev team:

Top TTK/TTD Facts You Should Know

  1. The upcoming Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update will not have any changes that impact the current TTK. However, there will be balance tweaks to weapons (see breakdown below).

  2. TTK and TTD are very closely linked. We're seeing players die too often/too quickly and get frustrated because of it. So, we're looking at how we can improve the experience for new players and veterans alike. This may lead to a perceived slower TTK.

  3. We're investigating all elements that play into TTD, from netcode to damage feedback/other components that influence TTD perceptions.

  4. We want to achieve gunplay balance where the experience is healthy, where latency is in a good place in order to improve consistency experience across all platforms including PC and Console.

  5. We want to propose any TTK model changes to you, the community, and involve you in testing experimental changes with the goal of improving experience and create deeper gameplay potential.

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