Bungie is Patching the Titan Skating Exploit out of Destiny 2

Bungie is Patching the Titan Skating Exploit out of Destiny 2


Bungie is adjusting the Titan ability "Lift" to prevent players from exploiting it in a move called "Titan skating." The Lift ability naturally gives Titan players a boost, but it's a short duration. However, if done the right way it gives Titans a movement speed that's far faster than anyone else in the game. Which is naturally a problem for a highly competitive multiplayer game like Destiny 2.

From Polygon:

The Titan's jump ability is called Lift, and uses momentum to propel Guardians up and forward. If done in a certain way, Titan characters can move far faster than anyone else in the game. While it was possible on consoles in Destiny, it takes finesse to time jumps and gain the full skating effect. But on the PC version of Destiny 2, players are able to create a macro — often by mapping jump to the mouse wheel — which allows them to skate faster and more efficiently than ever.

This is a problem for many of Destiny's small competitive maps, as skaters are able to reach speeds that can put them in locations faster than anyone else (like the location of a heavy ammo spawn). It can prove to be a massive advantage in firefights.

"Players utilizing these unconventional methods are effectively able to exceed the bounds of expected Guardian movement speed so drastically that it creates an unfair advantage when it comes to the fundamentals of combat gameplay like aiming, positioning, and even networking to some degree," Bungie said in its weekly update post.

While making it so that Lift can no longer be used with macros or certain keybinds will prevent players from skating, skilled players will still be able to use the ability to move faster than normal. But that's still better than the way things stand now.

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