Check Out The Latest Update For ARK: Survival Evolved


Studio Wildcard released a new update today for ARK: Survival Evolved that includes new hairstyles, 4 new creatures, and new tek content. The tek content is supposed to add "more of the TEK Tier technology that was recently launched, including a complete set of TEK building structures, an impenetrable "TEK Forcefield" which can be dynamically expanded or contracted, and customizable "TEK Autodoors" to complete Survivor's futuristic new bases," or so reads the press release.

The four new creatures added look less like your traditional dinosaurs, but definitely something you wouldn't find lurking around these days. The first, Electrophorus Beluadomito is an electric species of knifefish, which can be used to help take down much larger creatures. The second, Microraptor Gnarilongus, which is exactly what it sounds like – a mini-raptor. Per the release, Microraptors are "able to jump, run and do short glides… they can even take riders right out of their saddles during combat." Sounds pretty good right?

The last two creatures are Ammonitina Multiamicus, a giant nautilus, and Thylacoleo Furtimorsusm, which is also known as a marsupial lion. "Thylacoleo is a powerful predator native to the island's redwood forests. A strong bite – the strongest of any land mammal – and bolt cutter-like teeth, make this creature a formidable ambush predator."

And hey, now you've got some new hair and beard styles to go with all the extra goods in the update. The official trailer for the update is below.

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