Dark And Light Will Include A Bestiary Feature

Dark And Light Will Include A Bestiary Feature

Snail Games's upcoming mutiplayer survuval game Dark and Light will be getting a bestiary feature, and now we know a bit of what it will look like. In the latest development update, the devs showed off how to utilize the Bestiary creature cards to track and learn details about in-game creatures. So the Bestiary is essentially a trading card game within a game, and functions a bit like an in-game encyclopedia.

The world of Dark and Light is full of the kind of fantasy creatures that may be difficult to track. While many creatures can only be found in specific locations, others obtain special abilities and elemental immunities that make hunting or taming them a difficult task. To help players keep record of the creatures they've encountered, slayed, and tamed, the dev team has added the Bestiary cards to inventory the beasts and track which ones have or have not yet been mastered. Each creature will get its own entry in the Bestiary library, and all appear greyed out to start. Once the card is unlocked, its color will determine if you've just encountered it, slain it, or tamed it.

Dark And Light Will Include A Bestiary Feature

Its something like having a binder full of cards and also a PokeDex at the same time.

The cards also come with helpful icons that can tell you which beasts can be tamed, which can be ridden, and even what that creature will eat.

Sounds pretty handy, no?

Dark and Light is currently being prepped for its Early Access launch which is still dateless at this time.

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