Dauntless Adds Dire Behemoth, Customization, and UI in New Update

Dauntless Adds Dire Behemoth, Customization, and UI in New Update
credit// Phoenix Labs

The newest patch for Phoenix Labs' co-op monster hunting title Dauntless includes a new Dire Behemoth, improved character customization, and an updated UI. The new Dire Behemoth is Scorchstone Hellion, who players should be rather familiar with. Of course, because this is the dire form of Hellion, he does have a few surprises in for the unwary slayer.

The patch also includes new hairstyles so slayers can further customize their character. All of the new hair options are curly styles, so you can feel free to embrace your inner Medusa. Other updates include a revamped UI for various different crafting and purchase windows.

The patch notes can be read in full here, but the highlights include:

  • Scorchstone Hellion has been burning it up in the Maelstrom. Be careful if you choose to pursue this quarry – its command of lava makes it an especially deadly Dire Behemoth.
  • Added new curly hairstyles! Slayers now have even more options when designing and customizing their characters.
  • Added a new UI for grenade crafting, potion crafting, and Middleman purchases. All three should now be easier to navigate.
  • Added some new character customization slides and polished up existing ones. Interact with the mirror in Ramsgate Plaza to open up the character creator and experiment with your look.
  • A slew of Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes.

Dauntless is available now as a free PC download.

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