Death Stranding's Female Character is Based on Mary Poppins

Any fan of Hideo Kojima and his bonkers twitter account knows that the man loves films. He comments on films all the time, collaborates with famous film directors, fangirls over Mads Mikkelson, and sometimes even gets his film criticism published. So yeah, the dude loves movies.

However, the latest evidence of Kojima's love of cinema might be a bit out there.

Unprompted, Kojima announced on his Twitter account that Léa Seydoux's character in Death Stranding is a callback to Disney's Mary Poppins.

According to the mysterious game auteur himself, you can tell that Seydoux's umbrella-toting character is a reference to the English nanny because she carries an umbrella and bag in each hand.

Which, okay, we can see it in the shots Kojima placed back to back, but uh. We'd not have caught that one ourselves.

The character made her debut in last year's E3 trailer for Death Stranding, which you can check out below.

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