Is Destiny Getting A Fan Convention?

Bungie has registered a trademark in the US under the name "DestinyCon" which either means they want to stop their fans from launching a fan-run convention for Destiny or they're planning to kick one off themselves. The trademark was filed under title 41 under "fan conventions… in connection with the game Destiny," reports Dual Shockers.

Destiny Rise of Iron
Credit: Planet Destiny

Considering the popularity of game-specific fan conventions is only getting bigger, Bungie may be looking to get in on that sweet, sweet convention circuit. However, no official word has come from either Bungie or Destiny publisher Activision. As both Bungie and Activision were absent from 2016's E3, this could likely the part of the reason. Why join someone else's convention when you can host your own?

It's also worth noting that Destiny fans have already created their own convention called GuardianCon. The fan convention's organizer, twitter user Professor Broman, has already released a statement saying that they will not be cancelling GuardianCon as he believes the DestinyCon trademark is more for IP protection as the original Destiny trademark did not include a provision for events.

But it could easily be both. I wouldn't exactly put that past Activision or Bungie.

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