Detroit: Become Human Gets a TV Spot Showcasing Android Conflict

Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human has gotten a rising new TV spot that showcases the human and android drama at the centre of the game's conflict.


I'm genuinely curious about Detroit: Become Human. While the "do robots have feelings?" trope is well worn in the sci-fi space, guiding an android driven revolution with your choices is at least an interesting spin. While I've never quite gotten on board with Quantic Dream's games myself, I'm going in with an open mind here.

One of the core narrative hinges for the game is that it will explore the path of three different androids, all looking at the conflict from different angles. One, an active part of the revolution, another, a corporate android working for a big corporation and the last, one just looking after a child who needs protection. It's a potentially interesting contrast of the micro and macro. In this new TV spot for the game, you can see all three, but also the general themes are laid out here for you to enjoy. Take a look:

The game has a fair bit to overcome, from questions over the depiction of domestic violence to alleged reports of a toxic work environment, it's been a rough ride for the title. Again, I'm still looking forward to it though, and I do hope the hard work put in by everyone on the game shines through. Hopefully, the title finds its stride and ends up being a good little game because, at the end of the day, I like good games.

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