Diamond Select Toys Old Man Logan Gallery Statue Is Fantastic

Diamond Select Gallery Logan 3

Diamond Select Toys is killing these things. Their line of Gallery PVC statues have become one of my favorite lines to buy and collect. The do a fantastic job not only providing a quality product, but their character selections are stellar. Comic versions, animated series, movies, TV shows, they is no end in sight and I hope that they continue for years to come. One in particular became a must buy from the second I saw it however, and that would be their Old Man Logan.

As a huge fan of the original comic series by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven It filled me with joy that this was based on Logan's look from the mini. While I loved Logan as much as the next person (it is my favorite film of the year so far), I was afraid that we would just get Hugh Jackman versions over and over again, so this and the Hasbro Marvel Legends figure were very welcome surprises. The first place anyone's eyes go on statues would be the head sculpt, and this one is great. Phil Ramirez really nailed this one, from the wrinkles in his face to the dour expression he is wearing. The eyes could be a tad bit more open, but to me they look fine. Claw-wise, I was hoping the would be a little less flimsy, but mine out of the box had pretty straight ones, i only had to spread them out ever so slightly.


The rest of the statue is also impressive. The body is attached to the base, which features Iron Man's chest piece and helmet resting on the ground next to Cap's shield. I love the weathering on these, it conveys that heroes have been gone in this universe for a long time.My only real complaint here is that the rock base is pretty much the same color as Logan's boots, so they kinda blend together. I kinda wish they had gone more with a grayish hue, but it is a small complaint.

Packaging-wise, it is kinda boring. The big windows on the front and sides are cool so you can get a good view of what is in there, but overall it is a little blah. As a packaging nerd, I always want dynamic, vibrant boxes and such. Again though, that's me, some people will get this and forget it even came in a box after they open it, so to each his own.

At $45, this line and this statue itself are no-brainer must-buys. As long as they keep the quality of these stays where it is now, I will keep buying them. If you want to add this one to your collection, you can find it now at your local comic shop or order one online right now at places like this.

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