Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Comes With a Massive Tutorial

Credit// Square Enix

The open beta for Square Enix, Koei Tecmo, and Team Ninja's Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on PS4 is a sight better than the closed beta. For one, in the open beta we have access to the story progress system where we have to earn our summons and progress through specific stages to "finish the game," and get an incredibly detailed tutorial on how to play the game which will be incredibly helpful once the game launches. The Open Beta rotated the cast of characters to give everyone a chance to play their favorites for a bit before having to switch to a different fighter.

As for that tutorial, I kid you not, it's three settings – basic, advanced, and core battle- which each have 5-8 sections of tutorial windows that are at least 4 pages in length. You then get to test out the specific gameplay mechanic that they told you about, and finally put it all together in a mock battle. The reason the game needs this is that, well, Dissidia is more of a strategy game than a fighter and requires some specifics. Like how you need to break an opponent's guard before you can go about attacking their HP and knocking them out. It also goes through the various win-loss conditions set for each match. You even get to learn the specific targeting mechanics needed to switch targets in Core mode battles. Because you don't target the same way in those, that would be far too simple.

There is even a tutorial on how to set up character options, deal with the game menu…. Literally everything is covered.

Of course, following the tutorials and passing them does not mean that you'll do fantastic in your first online match. So, get ready for a really punishing trial by fire once the game releases, because that's the only way you play Dissidia.

Storymode requires you to play online and earn "memoria" so that you can see the cutscenes that tell the story of the world of Dissidia. Fair warning, they are as Final Fantasy as I have ever seen. So much lens flare, a whole lot of blue/white and red/black color schemes, talk of crystals, balance, and the "cycle of conflict."

I'm honestly entirely certain that Square Enix has a template script for opening cutscenes for all Final Fantasy games, and Dissidia's adheres to all of the rules.

The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT open beta is still up on PS4 for about a day more, so get in while you can. It's a great way to try out the game with a ton of content unlocked before it releases on January 30th.

So, if you need something to do while your government is shut down, playing through the entire tutorial and then a couple online matches in Dissidia is not a bad way to spend it.

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