The Division Got An 8.5GB Update Today Along With DLC And A Free Trial

The division

Ubisoft released a major free patch today (update 1.6 for those keeping track) for The Division which totals at 8.5 GB. Yeah, 8.5 Gigs for an update. The massive file will add a new Legendary difficulty, new Dark Zone areas, new character customization options, more contamination events, and weapon balance changes.

The third DLC: Last Stand is available alongside the patch. Season Pass holders will already have access to download it, while other players who want to get in on the action will be able to buy the expansion today. The expansion gives you access to the Last Stand game mode in which two teams of 8 face off to secure SHD tech data relays left behind in the Dark Zone. The 8v8 PVP is something like a capture-the-flag game with a few twists. To capture a tactical location, a team will need to control three objectives inside that location and once the area is secured, the team begins to score points. The first team to hit the max score wins. You can also activate fortifications and tactical boosts to help earn those points faster.

Also in the expansion is the Stolen Signal incursion event, where a civilian TV Broadcast center has been taken over by the Rikers gang, and naturally you have to save them.

The regular 1.6 update expands the Dark Zone map, creates a Dark Zone leader board, adds new Dark Zone Contamination events in the subways below the Dark Zone, allows you to play on the new Legendary difficulty setting , adds character customization options like new weapon and backpack skins and clothing options. The update also tweaks the balance of whole lot of gear.

And there's a fee trial going on now for those who haven't yet braved the post-smallpox-outbreak New York of The Division. I absolutely recommend at least checking it out, if for nothing other than your ability to play as an old woman on the edge with neck tattoos and aviators and a rifle running around Midtown.

You can get the full details over on the official site.

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