Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

Maze Theory and BBC Studios released a brand new gameplay trailer today for their upcoming VR adventure game Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality. For a while now the team have been teasing this game in bits and pieces, primarily with slow-moving panning shots of the game and some audio from both the 10th and 13th Doctor, but they really haven't been giving us much in the way of action sequences and what you'll actually be doing in the game. Well, that all changes today with the latest trailer as we get a better look a just what you'll be doing with your respective doctors.

Well, more to the point, what you'll be doing with the Sonic Screwdriver in the game and how you'll be using it to solve puzzles and unwrap the mystery of what exactly broke everything. You get to see a lot of the Weeping Angels in this one, but we also get a glimpse of a few other familiar foes who make their presence known. Enjoy the trailer below as the game will be out a week from now on October 14th for all three major consoles and PC.

Two doctors trying to repair the universe at the same time? What could possibly go wrong? Courtesy of Maze Theory.
Two doctors trying to repair the universe at the same time? What could possibly go wrong? Courtesy of Maze Theory.

Giving fans a first look at gameplay in Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, the trailer showcases a first-person sci-fi adventure focused on story, puzzles and exploration. Players will be swept up into their own Doctor Who experience which expands upon the original story from VR adventure Doctor Who: The Edge of Time – under the guidance of familiar characters: the Thirteenth Doctor (voiced by Jodie Whittaker) and the Tenth Doctor (voiced by David Tennant). Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality features a brand-new nemesis and new environments and is packed with easter eggs from the beloved television show. Exterminate a havoc-wreaking 'Reality Virus' that threatens the universe and come face-to-face with classic Doctor Who monsters – including Daleks, Weeping Angels and Cybermen.

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