Doug Cockle Narrates Sacred Fire In A New Gameplay Trailer

Sacred Fire

Voice actor Doug Cockle is best known as the voice of The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia. He's joined the team at Poetic Studio for Sacred Fire who will bring the psychological resource-management, story driven game to life as the narrator.

The gameplay trailer features some moments of actual gameplay, but mostly it's a vehicle for Cockle's voice to rasp about the struggles of the Caledonians as they fight against the invading army of Rome. Poetic Studio really lives up to it's name here, because I can honestly tell you so very little about this trailer after watching it three times other than that it sounds awesome.

Sure, the gameplay is pretty fun if you're the kind of person who really likes seeing things like "+5 ager" or "-9 hp" flash up on the screen in response to your actions. I'm not even snarking here, damage and effect counters are something some people (myself included) really enjoy with games. That's not for everyone though. But hey, if you don't like numbers, just listen to Doug Cockle spin phrases like "a fire/to keep the darkness at bay/ for it's coming" with dramatic pauses and slow intonation like he's trying to recite a poem to you around a mouth full of gravel.

If you'd like to back Sacred Fire, you can do so on Kickstarter where the game has made just over half of its goal thanks to the contributions of over 600 backers.

Or you can just go listen to the trailer below and try to remember that its pitching you a video game about ancient Scotland and not just an excuse for you to sit there and imagine a grizzled monster hunter reading you poetry. All of my snarking about this latest video aside, I still think this game looks like a fantastic choose-your-own-adventure with all the makings of a deep psychological thriller.

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