Drifters Loot The Galaxy Launches Into Steam Early Access

Blind Squirrel Games announced today they have released their latest game Drifters Loot The Galaxy into Steam's Early Access. The game has you playing as a group of traders and rouges doing what they do best: raid parts of the galaxy for unknown treasures in an attempt to get rich and lead the good life. But not every score is easy, and not every treasure is what you think it is. The game is totally free to play for everyone as they want people to come play it. But we're sure being in Early Access, they want people to test it out too to get the kinks out. You can check out the latest trailer here along with more info.

Look at this ragtag bunch of misfits going off to grab all they can. Courtesy of Blind Squirrel Games.
Look at this ragtag bunch of misfits going off to grab all they can. Courtesy of Blind Squirrel Games.

Consisting of Sumo, Resistor, Ziggy, Halley, Gogo & Sparky, the Drifters are a group of ragtag intergalactic raiders who engage in ruthless battles in the seediest depths of the universe. Their only goals in life: get rich, get dangerous, and unburden the galaxy of its precious loot. Masters of movement, all Drifters come armed with high-powered Driftpacs, grappling hooks, and an arsenal of sci-fi weaponry. When they battle, they shoot, brawl, swing, and drift with gravity as an afterthought.

As part of the Early Access launch, Drifters Loot The Galaxy is debuting the new game mode Push the Payload which has teams competing against each other in a multilevel stage filled with ledges, loot, and turrets. Utilize your grappling hook and driftpac to traverse the level, collect loot to power up your Drifter's unique abilities, then work together to take down the opposing team and extract the payload to your ship for a huge score! Additionally, Drifters has added an upgraded tech treesystem, and drastically enhanced the action and looting mechanics. Now, characters grow stronger throughout the match, opening up new options and intensifying team fights.

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