Dune: Spice Wars Reveals New Corrino Faction Update

Funcom has revealed a new update for Dune: Spice Wars today as players will get the Imperial House Corrino Faction. As you can guess from the title, you'll be given a new fifth faction to play in the game as they will add House Corrino to the Spice War. The game has been getting a steady flow of updates to its content since it launched into Early Access back in April. This update, which launched today, will be the second of four currently announced milestones, which are building to the formal launch of the game sometime in 2023. Along with some other smaller updates that will bring about minor features, balancing, and quality of life improvements to the game. You can read more about this addition below and check out the latest trailer down at the bottom.

Dune: Spice Wars Reveals New Corrino Faction Update
Credit: Funcom

Shaddam IV, the Padishah Emperor, brings his mobile royal palaces to Dune, an expression of hisdomination over the planet. While the position brings him a steady spice tax or bribe, hemust balance itwith the responsibility to pay the Spacing Guild's fees to maintain affordable interstellar travel. As House Corrino, wield influence over the other factions by manipulating the CHOAM market and theLandsraad. If all else fails, deploy theruthless Sardaukar to squash your opposition. As rulers of a galaxy-wide territory, the imperial councilors have ample experience in intrigue. PrincessIrulan and Wensicia Corrino, daughters of Shaddam IV lend House Corrinopolitically sharp and insightfulminds.

Captain Aramsham is a Sardaukar officer, expert at commanding the most elite fighting force in the Dune universe. Hasimir Fenring the assassin mentat is one of the deadliest fighters of the imperium andthe closest friend of Shaddam IV. Pit the other factions against each other,employyour political and military might with cold precision,and retake what is yours. Explore the new imperial faction now and ensure that the spice will flow.

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