Dune: Spice Wars To Add New Faction In Early Access

Funcom has released new info about the Early Access version of Dune: Spice Wars as you will soon have an entirely new faction to try. So far players have been able to play both solo missions as well as online multiplayer matches with four primary factions. Sometime in the near future, players will be getting a fifth as the next governing faction of Arrakis, the Imperial House Corrino, will be coming to the game with its own update. According to the new info, this update will have you managing a new type of economy centered around spice taxes and bribes, all designed to help keep the empire thriving. You will also be able to utilize many of the Emperor's noble echelon of councilors as their skills will come into play in battle and behind the scenes. The update will also add improvements and new features to the game. However, we don't have a proper release date for it yet, and we won't even know the full scope of it until they reveal more at Gamescom 2022. For now, here's an intro into the upcoming update.

Funcom & Shiro Games Announce Dune: Spice Wars
Credit: Funcom
The Houses on Dune have become unruly, so the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV is bringing his feared Sardaukar to remind them of his dominion. While he holds a lot of power, he must also preserve certain essential relationships, most crucially with the Spacing Guild. Playing as House Corrino, players will experience a very different kind of economy to balance. Tip the scales of spice in your favor by receiving spice taxes or bribes from other factions while paying the Spacing Guild's fees to maintain interstellar travel at affordable rates and hold the empire together. By the emperor's side stand his loyal councilors, each of whom lends unique benefits, be it on the battlefield, in the Landsraad politics, for raw production, or otherwise.  As with previous updates, this one will also include a series of other improvements and minor features. Plenty more details will be revealed about the Imperial House Corrino at Gamescom, including the full list of councilors, unique units, and more.


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