EA On Battlefront II's Loot Boxes And Beta Results

EA On Battlefront II's Loot Boxes And Beta Results

EA has addressed feedback from the Star Wars: Battlefront II beta, including issues around loot crates, which have gotten more and more controversial as of late. In a blog post thanking players for participating in the beta, EA discusses several of likely changes that will be made before the full game releases.

One of the most contentious issues in the beta was the use of loot crates, which raised fears the game might become a pay-to-win system. EA has attempted to clarify what these crates will do in the full game in an effort to allay those fears. Star Cards, Outfits, Emotes and Victory Poses will all be available in loot crates, purchasable with both in-game credits and premium currency and therefore are pretty much just vanity items, with the exception of the Star Cards. So the loot crates won't impact your performance in game at all, which should keep it from being P2W.

And just to clarify, no powerful items will be found in loot crates, instead the most powerful gear will be unlocked via in-game achievements.

Additionally, unlocking most weapons and upgrading Star Cards will only be accessible in accordance with a player's rank, which can only be progressed by playing the game. So you don't even need to worry about the Star Cards, either.

Other alterations EA discussed may include changing Strike mode to a best of three, nerfing the Specialist's Infiltration ability, giving more the First Order Flametrooper more firepower, and improving team play.

The Battlefront beta closed on Thursday after being extended for 2 extra days and the full game will release on November 14.

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