Espurr Coming To Pokémon GO? Niantic Teases Mysterious Raid Egg

Pokémon GO has been teasing a mysterious Raid Egg on their social media. Let's break down their hints and theorize as to what, exactly, this could mean in-game.

Mysterious Raid Egg in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Mysterious Raid Egg in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

The first hint wasn't a hint at all, but major information about what this Raid Egg may be. It was announced alongside of the full Kalos region announcement on their Pokémon GO blog. They wrote, after revealing that Pokémon from Kalos would begin appearing on Wednesday, December 2nd:

There seems to be a mysterious Pokémon preparing to hatch from a one-star Raid Egg soon! We're tracking the progress of this Egg on our social channels, and we might need your help to get it to hatch sooner!

To start, because this was included in that specific announcement, it's safe to assume that this will be a Kalos Pokémon.

Then, they tweeted:

Ah, what's this? We've just received a message. Stay tuned as we investigate. #PokemonGO

The video along with the tweet showcased a one-star Raid Egg as mentioned in the Kalos post. It was the video that got trainers debating on social media, though, as an eye was visible to the right of the screen. Many thought this could mean Mewtwo… though the idea of Tier One raids for Mewtwo doesn't make much sense.

They followed up:

Another incoming message! Trainers, it looks like we've stumbled upon some mysterious Raid Eggs. Can you help us make sense of all this? #PokemonGO

This time, notably, the swirl of the Psychic symbol can be seen on the grass behind the raid.

They tweeted yet again:

Just in—a new message. What do you think it means? #PokemonGO

This time, the hint was a lot more in-your-face. A plane cut through the skies in the background, with a message trailing behind it: the number 677.

Being that 677 is the Pokédex number of the Psychic-type Pokémon Espurr, we can take this as confirmation that Espurr is about to enter raids! Does this mean, though, that Espurr will be a Shiny-capable, raid/Egg exclusive Pokémon with a boosted rate like Klink and Timburr were for the Unova region? That raid egg is ticking down, so we'll know very soon.

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