Fanmade "The 7th Guest" Sequel "The 13th Doll" Releases This Halloween

Fanmade "The 7th Guest" Sequel "The 13th Doll" Releases This Halloween
Credit: Attic Door Productions

After all these years, The 7th Guest is getting another sequel – though it's all by some enterprising fans.

Attic Door Productions has been working hard on The 3th Doll, the follow-up to classic PC adventure The 7th Guest. Now, after dealing with several delays, the game is nearly ready. It'll be available for PC gamers, in fact, this Halloween.

The 13th Doll was created as a follow-up to The 7th Guest rather than its actual sequel, The 11th Hour. It follows the 7th Guest himself, Tad, heading back to Henry Stauf's home to face the horror of his past.

The 13th Doll is the brainchild of several talented 7th Guest fans who originally put their project on Kickstarter in 2015. However, the game ultimately suffered a few delays. Now, it appears it's finally ready for fans to get spooked by Halloween.

So far, from the trailer above, we can discern that the game looks deliciously campy. If you're into adventure games and looking for something unique to play just in time for the spooky holiday, you can't go wrong with this one. The 13th Doll certainly looks as though it's following in its predecessor's footsteps.

Just make sure you play the original by then if you haven't already. It's seriously an oldie but a goodie, and a classic you shouldn't miss as a PC gamer. While we're at it, there's a lot of those you should play. Perhaps we'd ought to make a list soon.

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