Fire Emblem Heroes Devs Discuss Future Game Updates

In an interview with DestructiodFire Emblem Heroes Director Shingo Matsushita discussed what fans can expect to see hit the game in the months and years to come.

Two years is a long time to operate in any gaming space. What's next for Fire Emblem Heroes?

Shingo Matsushita, Director: "We are extremely grateful to the users who have continued to play Fire Emblem Heroes. We are discussing different ideas that will give even long-term players a fresh playing experience. Some ideas are close to being confirmed for implementation, while some unconfirmed ideas are just dreams for now. We want to consider all kinds of ideas. For example, could we make characters with new appearances or uses? Can we make a new mode that will introduce a social aspect to the game? We are continuing to look at it from many angles. The developers are working around the clock using trial-and-error to look for fun ways to play with these kinds of elements."

Matsushita's comments to Destructiod indicate that some of the updates coming to the mobile game will be based on player feedback, which is always great to see. Which features those are, we aren't sure, but we'll likely get the details sometime soon.

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