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Five Destiny 2 Suggestions For Next Season, Season 15

It's the end of May, and given the cadence of a seasonal update schedule, Bungie is already hard at work on Destiny 2's next season's content. So, what changes does Bungie need to prioritize for season 15? I have five suggestions.

First, more Gambit maps. Gambit (a PvEvP mode) is in a free fall with only four maps to play, having lost two of the game mode's six maps to the Destiny Content Vault. By comparison, players in Destiny 2's PvP mode, the Crucible say their mode is dying with around 20 maps in the pool and a steady stream of remastered Destiny 1 maps to supplement that number. Gambit has four. Period. That's less than a quarter of the number of Crucible maps. If Crucible is dying, Gambit is on life support and needs attention yesterday. Bungie needs to allocate more resources to Gambit, or else they'll lose the patient.

Destiny 2: Season Of The Splicer Will Drop On May 11th
Credit: Bungie

Second, it's dire over in Gambit, so the response to save it must be equally powerful: Gambit needs farmable broken weapons. Not powerful weapons. Destiny 2 already has powerful weapons. Broken weapons. Gambit needs the equivalent of pre-nerf Mountaintop and pre-nerf Recluse, and not just for one season. If a player wants the most powerful weapons, they don't currently go to the Gambit playlist. They go to the Crucible and Strike playlists. Gambit needs meta defining weapons just to catch up to what the other two playlists offer and keep players engaged for the long haul.

Third, rein in hand cannons in the Crucible. Hand cannons can currently output more damage at the same range as longer range weapons like pulse rifles and scout rifles. This makes a hand cannon a de facto requirement for a crucible load out. Why use a longer range weapon when hand cannons reach just as far with a better time to kill? Reverting the Shadowkeep range buff for hand cannons would be a great first step for Bungie.

Destiny 2 Launches The Classic Raid, Vault Of Glass, Into The Game
Credit: Bungie

Fourth, it's now too late, as Bungie sunset weapon sunsetting, but at least with weapon sunsetting, Felwinter's Lie would eventually leave the Crucible meta. Now that weapon sunsetting is gone, we'll never be rid of that turbulent shotgun. Every Crucible mode that isn't Iron Banner is basically Felwinter's Lie city, at the intersection of slideshot/opening shot avenues. If you want to succeed at Crucible, you have to learn to slide on other players like home plate.

Fifth, the ability to spend raid tokens (Spoils of Conquest, in Destiny 2's parlance) at the end of Deep Stone Crypt, and now the Vault Of Glass was a great addition to the raid system, meaning that if a player saved up enough Spoils, they could buy a bunch of a weapon they already unlocked. This allowed players to go for "the god roll" of a particular weapon more efficiently. Bungie needs to add this system to Destiny more widely, especially the Last Wish raid.

What would you like to see Bungie focus on for next season? Let me know in the comments section.

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