Funko Introduces Original Line Of Characters, Say Hello To Pop Monsters

Funko know that we all love getting Pops of our favorite movie, TV, cartoon, literary, and any other category of character. But they also love to create and come up with fresh ideas. One of those ideas is now coming to fruition. As announced on their blog, Pop Monsters will be coming to the Funko Shop in the near future, and they are an original Funko idea.

Funko Introduces Original Line Of Characters, Say Hello To Pop Monsters

Funko is proud to introduce Pop! Monsters, a brand new line of
unique characters dreamed-up by Funko's own creative team!These adorable and mysterious creatures inhabit the fabled
Wetmore Forest, which is conveniently located near Funko's
new headquarters on Wetmore Avenue in Everett, Washington!
As of now, there are six known Pop! Monsters, including
Chester McFreckle, Picklez, Bugsy Wingnut,
Snuggle-Tooth, Butterhorn, and Tumblebee!

ADORABLE. Seriously, these are all awesome looking. As a fan of creatures and such since I was a kid, these really punch me right in the feels. They give off a cool puppet vibe as well, I can picture these little ones in an live action puppet series, Fraggle Rock style. The first one, Tumblebee, is available for order now and has a delightful backstory:

He's at home in the misty meadows of Wetmore and gets his name from the bold stripes across his furry body and his love for tumbling aimlessly among the wildflowers. He is well liked among the other creatures of Wetmore because he is kind, caring, and honest.

Everyone loves Tumblebee! They know that through rain and snow and highs and lows he can be counted on to protect you from danger and give you a bear hug and a big laugh when you most need it.

I mean come on. Funko has to be having so much fun with these. I am so happy to see some original stuff from them as well. I am going to order myself one as soon as I am done typing this up. You should do the same, right here.

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