Funko Pop Versions of the Royal Family Coming in February

Funko is releasing the Royal Family in Pop form. The figures will be available in February, before the big Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle in May.

Funko is honored to introduce our new Pop! Royals
figures coming to stores this winter.

This new series spotlights some of the most well-known
and beloved members of the British Royals.
Our introductory figures feature the late Diana, Princess of Wales,
Queen Elizabeth II (featured with one of her beloved corgis),
Charles the Prince of Wales, his sons Prince Harry and Prince William,
and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Diana, Princess of Wales, will also be available as a chase piece,
featured in a spectacular red gown. This figure will be available as a 1 in 6 variant.

Add Pop! Royals to your collection this winter!

These products are our fun characterisation of the icons they represent,
but they have not been endorsed or approved by any member of the Royal Family.
They do not have any connection with and are not of a type supplied
to any member of the Royal Family.

I have to say, walking into a store and asking if they have the Chase Diana Princess of Wales Pop is going to be hilariously awkward for some people. They nailed the looks of their real-life counterparts, though. Prince William especially looks great as a Funko Pop. The Kate Middleton one will sell like crazy. I only wonder why they didn't produce a Meghan Markle — they would sell a ton of those in the spring. Maybe there will be a wedding set! I desperately want to see pictures of the Queen holding her own Funko Pop.

These are an interesting choice of Pop — kind of like when they did the election ones here in the US last year. Those were pretty popular, so maybe these will be, too.

You can preorder them right here.

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