GDC: Bethesda And AMD Announce Long-Term Partnership


Bethesda and chip-maker AMD announced a long-term partnership today at GDC to advance their game technology development and create a deeper gaming experience on PC. The news comes to us through a press release put out by AMD this morning. The release announces the partnership as a multi-game arrangement,  which will "see the two companies collaborate to develop and accelerate the implementation of new technologies, including the full potential of low-level APIs, such as Vulkan®, and the computing and graphics power of AMD Ryzen CPUs, Radeon™ GPUs, and AMD server solutions across existing Bethesda franchises. The close-knit strategic partnership will combine hardware, software and game engineering talents at both companies with the creative genius of Bethesda content developers to deliver extraordinary experiences on upcoming hardware architectures."

The news also hit Bethesda's twitter page with the following:

Speaking about the arrangement, Bethesda President Vlatko Andonov said "AMD Radeon graphics architectures represent a true commitment to developers, inviting them to use the hardware as a blank canvas through low-level access to the silicon, and empowering them with architectural advancements that enable them to bring their gaming visions to life without compromise."


So, we can only expect good things to come of the partnership when taking into account Bethesda's especially considering last year's partnership to inject Vulkan® API technology into DOOM. The move makes a lot of sense given Bethesda's continued commitment to high-fidelity graphics within their games.

This partnership will definitely help Bethesda with their current 7 projects that are in the works.

Gamespot was the first to report on this story from GDC. The full press release is here.

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