GDC: Rebellion Announces Rogue Trooper: Redux For Switch


This morning at GDC, Rebellion revealed a remaster of Rogue Trooper titled Rogue Trooper: Redux for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will be exactly like you remember it, just updated to look better and play better on the current generation of consoles.

For those who don't remember or never played the original, Rogue Trooper is set in the world of Nu-Earth out of Rebellion's 2000 AD comics. The game follows a genetically engineered soldier, Rogue. Rogue, a GI or genetic infantryman, is immune to the harsh environment of the chem-blasted Nu-Earth and is on a one-man-mission to save his fallen comrades, currently stored as data files. As the press release states, "Rogue is a one-unit squad of death and destruction, and he only has one thing on his mind – REVENGE."

This remaster is being developed in partnership with TickTock Games, which makes it the first 2000 AD game to be developed outside of the Rebellion umbrella. The game may indicate that we'll be getting more externally-developed games in the 2000 AD world which includes the iconic properties of Judge Dredd and Slaine.

No release date or official details on changes have been given. We'll keep you updated.

Despite the lack of information, it's pretty easy to guess that the updates will mostly be noticed in the usual cosmetic ways – updated graphics, smoother animations – but the bulk of the work will be getting the original 3rd person shooter to function on the current consoles, especially those without backwards compatibility. Granted Rogue Trooper was first released in 2006, so it shouldn't be too much of a throwback.

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