Generation One – Four Pokémon Still Not Released In Pokémon GO

Generation Six has begun to roll out in Pokémon GO, which surprised some trainers due to the amount of Generation Five species that have yet to be released in the game. However, there are still species from even earlier generations that are, for some reason, missing. These are the species from Generations One through Four that are missing in Pokémon GO.

Unreleased Species in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Unreleased Species in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

The missing Pokémon are…

  • Kecleon: The oldest missing species is from Generation Three, and has been such an object of mystery among the fanbase that its absence has become somewhat of a meme. This Hoenn-based, Normal-type species is the only Generation Three Pokémon that has not yet appeared in-game, which is funny considering that it was one of the very first species announced for the main series games for Gen Three. Kecleon is based on the chameleon and is known for changing colors. The thought is that it will be released in a creative way like Smeargle was with photobombs. Personally? I predict that Kecleon will be released in some way through AR Mapping tasks in an effort to save that currently hated task.
  • Arceus: Known as the god of the Pokémon universe, Arceus is a Mythical Pokémon from Generation Four that has a different form for every single type in the game. This powerful Pokémon was very likely meant to be offered in its different forms through EX Raids like Deoxys was, so it'll be interesting to see how Niantic releases it now. It's definitely more of a Darkrai and Genesect type Mythical than a Mew or Celebi type, so I believe it's a safe bet we'll encounter it through some kind of raid.
  • Shaymin: Generation Four's Shaymin was expected to be the Mythical offered through GO Fest 2020's Special Research and the subsequent annual Mythical Special Research for those who didn't attend… until it was revealed that it'd be Victini. Shaymin will almost surely be a Special Research Mythical, likely with a different Research for each of its variations: Land Forme and Sky Forme Shaymin.
  • Phione & Manaphy: These Generation Four Mythical Pokémon are unique in how they're obtained. Manaphy will lay an Egg that will hatch into Phione. I would expect some kind of similar situation in Pokémon GO where completing a Manaphy Special Research, perhaps, will result in both a Manaphy encounter as well as a unique Egg.

We'd love to hear your theories on how these species will be incorporated into Pokémon GO, fellow trainers!

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