Get Another Look At Sombra In New Overwatch Leak

A few weeks ago, Blizzard accidentally let a look at Sombra slip leading to a lot of people expecting a reveal soon after. However, it has been 'mostly' quiet on that front, with the character expected to be revealed this week at Blizzcon.

Well, it seems we might have yet another look at the character, and this one looks pretty official. It was found buried in Blizzard's merchandise store, and it didn't take Reddit long to get into the files and expose it for all of us. It's a crystal clear look at the character and meets up perfectly with the previous leak.

Take a look:


I'm not sure what those strings coming out of her wrist are, but many are speculating she is some kind of puppeteer, perhaps fighting through minions. That would be a pretty wild dynamic to bring into Overwatch. Can't be long until we find out now.

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