Graffiti Games Announces World's Worst Handyman For PC & Console

Graffiti Games along with developer Baby Lumberjack revealed their next title, World's Worst Handyman, is coming to PC and console. This is your chance to help out the worst of the worst and try to help him become a better handyman in the process as you will solve puzzles that repair objects that he's somehow made worse. But hey, he's doing it for a good cause as he wants to help save his local animal shelter. You can check out more below as the game will be out sometime in 2022.

Graffiti Games Announces World's Worst Handyman For PC & Console
Credit: Graffiti Games

The world's worst handyman, Doug, is on the job and needs your help to save his furry friends at the local animal shelter! You take on repair jobs around town using Doug's non-existent skills in this slapstick stealth handyman sim. Along your unintentional path of destruction, stealthily dodge workplace hazards such as an angry granny, a Roomba-riding cat, and a haunted scarecrow. Figure out how to progress by finding the right tool for the job while also locating the stray animal and their special toy in each level. If you can manage to fix more than you break, you'll earn the cash Doug needs to prevent the big, bad bank from foreclosing on the animal shelter.

  • Revel in the accidental destruction caused by Doug's slapstick repairs as you try your best to fix more than you break. Hopefully fixing the toilet makes up for flooding the bathroom…
  • Stealthily dodge workplace hazards. Each requires a different tactic, and getting caught sets you back to your last save point.
  • Figure out how to progress by finding tools, activating switches, and locating triggers, keys, and whatever else you need to move forward.
  • Track down collectibles in each level, such as a stray animal and their special toy.
  • Save your furry friends by earning enough cash to prevent the bank from foreclosing on the shelter.
  • If you succeed, you'll not only save the shelter, but you may also earn enough cash to give your goofy puppy sidekick a forever home.

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