GTFO's Rebirth://EXTENDED Update Today As New Version Is teased

Today, 10 Chambers Collective released the Rebirth://EXTENDED update GTFO today along with news of Version 1.0 on the way. An extension of the April 2021 update added to the game, this will add five new expeditions for a total of thirteen unique missions, as well as a new game objective that tasks players with surviving 30-minutes in what is essentially a brutal gauntlet of enemies until the timer runs out. All while also trying to solve complex tasks like hacking computer terminals to clear their path. We have more details about the update for you below, as we wait to see what version 1.0 will look like as they teased that it will be coming to the game later this year.

GTFO will be getting Version 1.0 later this year, courtesy of 10 Chambers Collective.
GTFO will be getting Version 1.0 later this year, courtesy of 10 Chambers Collective.
  • [New in Rebirth://EXTENDED] EXPEDITIONS EXTENDED — Can you master, let alone survive, all thirteen expeditions included in the Rebirth://EXTENDED update? Show The Warden what you're made of.
  • [New in Rebirth://EXTENDED] EXPENDABLE — The Warden is curious to see how well prisoners react to constant stimulation and the threat of death. Can you survive a full 30-minutes of wave after wave of gruesome monsters? Do it for science.
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] New Environment: Floodways — Mother Nature has met her match with The Warden. Plantlife has been allowed to propagate in the new Floodways sector of The Complex, but so have new nightmares and obstacles. You'll need a steady trigger finger as opposed to a green thumb to survive here.
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] New Enemy: Spawner — Keep your eyes forward and also up. Spawners reside on ceilings, giving birth to monsters even in rooms already previously cleared.
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] Booster Implants — Collect artifacts during the Rundown and offer them to The Warden for a prize: an injection of "special" liquid into your brain that boosts abilities. Booster Implants carry to additional Rundown playthroughs even if killed, offering players additional incentive to progress.

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