Harassing Niantic Employees Won't Lead To Change In Pokémon GO

Brace yourselves, Pokémon GO community. This is a big one. When I heard this breaking story being whispered through social media, I couldn't believe it at first myself. Before I was able to confirm this news, I had to check multiple sources to be sure that I wasn't publishing something irresponsibly false… and I was, in fact, able to confirm the veracity of this story. I am both shocked and excited to report that, in a major twist, it has been confirmed that harassing Niantic employees on social media will actually, in fact, not lead to a change in Pokémon GO.

The Pokémon GO community's mindset. Credit: Niantic
The Pokémon GO community's mindset. Credit: Niantic

This revelation is sure to rock the Pokémon GO community. Earlier this week, Niantic announced that they'd be pulling back some of the pandemic bonuses in Pokémon GO, which led to the community taking recourse. While some created petitions and others made well-worded videos, others took to the e-streets and used their Twitter fingers to find the social media accounts of Niantic employees.

Now, Niantic is a corporation with many different levels of power that is, in turn, collaborating on this game with quite literally the biggest media franchise in the world: the Pokémon Company. This alone comes as a shocking twist to the many of the social media users who assumed that all of the major company decisions Niantic makes are run by the person who operates their Twitter. It came as a further surprise when the community learned that it is, in fact, the wrong thing to do to harass people on the internet over a feature in a Pokémon game.

When it comes down to it, the changes are not being embraced by the Pokémon GO community. While some in the community are being respectful, even one person, much fewer droves, harassing employees on social media is egregious. While it may be stunning to someone who plays Pokémon GO full time, no matter how must dedication they put toward reaching Level 50, change has historically not been made in this game by rushing Niantic to make changes. This is, again, a huge corporation, and this announcement was made mere days ago. Personally, I believe that Niantic will adjust. They adjusted Mega Evolution in response to a backlash which was decidedly less intense than this.

When and if those changes are made, Bleeding Cool will be here to cover them. Until then, ask yourselves… would Pikachu still love you if he saw your Tweets? Would he?

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