Heatran Raid Hour: Tips On Coordinating Remote Raids

Heatran Raid Hour is happening again tonight in Pokémon GO from 6PM to 7PM local time. Many of the gyms in the game will pop Tier Five Legendary raids during this hour, where trainers can gather and take on this Fire/Steel-type Pokémon, using Ground-type moves to exploit its double weakness. However, many trainers rely on Remote Raid Invites, which can be hard to coordinate during Raid Hour because of the limit on remote raiders. Here are a few tips to help trainers coordinate Remote Raids during Heatran Raid Hour to optimize this event.

Heatran Raid Hour: Coordinating Remote Raids. Credit: Niantic
Heatran Raid Hour: Coordinating Remote Raids. Credit: Niantic

Tip #1: Private Lobby

The biggest issue with Remote Raid Invites during Raid Hour is that there are going to be full lobbies, which will prevent remoters from getting in. The limit of remote accounts is still ten per raid which mean that even if you invite the full five, if six other people remote into that raid, one of your party isn't getting in. To avoid this issue, you can create a private lobby. When you click the raid, there is an option to go Private at the bottom. Following those prompts, you can create a group. Best of all, when you invite friends that way, the code you've created will be attached to their invite so they won't have to enter in anything to enter your private lobby.

Tip #2: Raid Chat

Another great way to make these Raid Hours work better for Remote Raid Invites is to coordinate in a chat. Facebook chats or Discord work best for this, so that you don't have to go through the trouble of starting a private lobby, sending the invites… and then seeing that no one has taken the bait.

Heatran will be in raids until Thursday, September 10th, at which point Cresselia will take over. That means, after this, just one more Heatran Raid Hour until this beast departs.

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