The High Elves Join Total War: Warhammer II In Latest Trailer

The High Elves Join Total War: Warhammer II In Latest Trailer

It just isn't a fantasy game without some elves in it, and Total War: Warhammer II knows it. Today's trailer shows how the High Elves play a defensive game like no other race in the Warhammer world. Typically that's by staggering their enemy with masterful archery on approach, tar-pitting them into a punishing melee, then counterattacking with elemental flying monsters, because High Elves leave nothing to chance.

This new gameplay video from Creative Assembly shows the High Elves defending against a bellowing host of Lizardmen warriors led by Mazdamundi himself, and reveals spectacular new units in action. You'll want to watch out for the following units in play:

  • The noble Flamespyre Phoenix and its Frostheart variant: fire and ice working in perfect tandem to decimate enemy forces
  • The Dragon Princes of Caledor: top-tier shock cavalry clad in dragon armour, making them immune to fire
  • The immensely-armoured Phoenix Guard: standing ready to strike down the largest beasts that the Lizardmen have to offer.

Take a look at the High Elves in the latest Let's Play trailer below.

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