Injustice 2 Gets Another New Trailer This Time Focusing On The Return Of Superman

NetherRealm gave Injustice 2 another new trailer, this time officially showing off Superman and Cyborg. After the recent leak of the mobile game that revealed Cyborg and Scarecrow, it looks like they've decided to give us the official word. It looks like Cyborg will definitely be in the game's story mode.

The trailer's name is "Shattered Alliances" and lets us watch as Superman and Batman have some harsh words after Superman's liberation, and then its time for the fighting where most of the Justice League decides they don't particularly appreciate a guy in bat ears and Cyborg and Blue Beetle have it out in some sort of holding facility. There are only brief snatches of gameplay in this trailer so it's still hard to tell if Cyborg will be a playable character. More interestingly, the trailer is only part one of a series of "Shattered Alliances" trailers.

While the trailer valiantly attempts to get us all psyched up for the world of Injustice again, we haven't seen much here that's particularly new. The broken Trinity, the whole "The Regime Will Rise" thing, it's all status quo in Injustice. The art they released alongside the trailer which is just below, now that, is much more interesting.

The art features Superman enduring the combined attacks of the Flash, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Blue Beetle. Not too sure what's up in that upper right-hand corner though but I am very intrigued.


The Bat-dialogue in this trailer comes just a day after voice actor Kevin Conroy confirmed that he would be returning to Injustice 2. If you want a bit more of a look into the gameplay, the previous trailer "Here Come The Girls" should have you covered.

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