Injustice 2 Gets Another Story Trailer – And An Old Favorite Is Back From The Grave

Called "Shattered Alliances Pt 2" the latest trailer for Injustice 2 picks up essentially where the previous trailer left off. Superman is in some kind of high-tech prison cell, the remains of the Justice League are all equally unhappy, same old, same old. With a few new surprises thrown in to keep us on our toes.

I don't know about you all, but I'm about as sick as I can be of the "superheroes angry at each other" genre of entertainment. Sure, it's all melodramatic shouting and posturing but it gets a bit stale pretty quick.

And then about half-way through the trailer things start to get interesting. Harley Quinn and Black Canary walk off together like best friends, Doctor Fate shows up to bust Supes out of his shackles, and then we get into what NetherRealm does best – the combat.

It's amusing to me that the first fight is between Superman and Doctor Fate who is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Then what looks like Damian Wayne's Robin beats the hell out of his father and finishes him off with a katana. Pretty slick action all around in the combat sequences. Which should be no surprise given that this is a game put out by NetherRealm. We then get a glance at the Reverse Flash, then off to Gorilla Grod who seems to have raised an army including some known villains like Bane and Ivy but also Captain Cold

We get a look at Green Lantern's super move and hey Green Arrow is alive – and the latest playable character to join the Injustice 2 roster. We aren't sure how but it does look like the emerald archer is back from the grave. Even though he should, by all rights, be very dead.

Granted, this is Injustice, so I wouldn't be surprised if alternate timelines or alternate earths are involved in that somehow.

The trailer ends with a pitch for you to pre-order the game now in order to get Darkseid. Not going to lie, Darkseid isn't the kind of selling point that would work on me.

Injustice 2 will hit the shelves on May 16th. You can watch the previous story trailer here.

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