Jessie & James Return To Pokémon GO With Shadow Scyther & Pinsir

Prepare for trouble and… well, you know the rest. Jessie and James, the iconic Team Rocket duo, have returned to Pokémon GO. These two are highly coveted encounters in the game not only for nostalgic purposes but because they are currently the only way to encounter Shiny Shadow Pokémon outside of the Team GO Rocket leaders. In this piece, we will break down everything needed to know about battling Jessie and James in Pokémon GO including their current teams and when they're leaving.

Jessie & James promo image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Jessie & James promo image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

So… when are Jessie and James leaving Pokémon GO? We don't quite know yet, but we know that they will not leave when the current Secrets of the Jungle event ends. We can say this with confidence because Niantic has already announced increased encounters with the Meowth balloon (Jessie and James' means of pulling up on trainers in Pokémon GO) on Christmas. We know they'll at least be here to bring in the holiday with us, which is actually uncharacteristically warm of the dastardly duo.

So, while we will follow-up soon with a full battle guide about how to defeat Team GO Rocket's Jessie and James with efficiency, we do know their full teams this time around. Instead of their original Shadow Koffing and Shadow Ekans available during their Summer 2020 stint, Jessie and James have the following teams:

  • Jessie: Scyther, Ekans, Stantler
  • James: Pinsir, Koffing, Grimer

As with last time, defeating Jessie and James will lead to an encounter with each of their first-slot Pokémon. Also like last time, those encounters can be Shiny! This means that Shiny Shadow Pinsir and Shiny Shadow Scyther are going to be available through the Rocket duo.

Now, this isn't the debut of these two Shadow Shinies. Both were available in the past, with Shiny Shadow Scyther available from Arlo in 2019 and Shiny Shadow Pinsir available from Cliff earlier this year.

Good luck hunting those Shiny Shadows, fellow trainers!

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