Kula Diamond Joins The King Of Fighters XV Roster

The roster for The King of Fighters XV keeps getting bigger by the week, as the latest character to join the fray is Kula Diamond. Joining in as the 38th member of the roster, Kula has been an interesting addition to the series ever since her debut. The Ice Doll originally started off as a hidden character in The King Of Fighters 2000, being a bit of a mystery to everyone with her ice-related attacks and awkward style of frenzy fighting. All while kicking it in the latest platform shows that double as ice skates. With rare exceptions, she's practically been a series regular since that time, so it's cool to see her return to the spotlight to fight this growing cast of characters.

A look at Kula Diamond as she appears in The King of Fighters XV, courtesy of SNK.
A look at Kula Diamond as she appears in The King of Fighters XV, courtesy of SNK.

She makes her way into KOF XV as a member of Team Krohnen along with the equally weird and slightly mysterious team of Ángel and Krohnen himself. The roster now only has one person left to reveal and one last team to make. (For now, let's be real, King of Fighters XV is going to have secret and DLC teams.) For now, enjoy the trailer showing off Kula in action.

Kula Diamond is a cybernetically modified human crafted by the syndicate NESTS to exterminate K'. Though the results of such modifications have their drawbacks as she looks and behaves like a child, the cryokinesis she acquired allows her to instantly turn water molecules in air into ice. After the destruction of NESTS, she teamed up with K' and his allies. However, all that came undone after a fight with K', with her then running away from the group. All alone, she is snatched up by Krohnen and Ángel where she is added to their team.

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