I Am The Law: Judge Dredd Pinball

Dredd Pinball

To be honest with everyone, I wasn't aware there was a Judge Dredd pinball. I enjoy the comic, and I loved the Karl Urban movie. So it would only make sense that I would be drawn to this game as well. Made by Midway Manufacturing (Bally) in 1993 (so therefor it is not based on that dreadful 1995 film), the game has 4 flippers, 6 ball multiball, a rotating planet with rings, a magnetic robot arm, but no pop bumpers. This was also one of Midway's "SuperPin" widebod machines, meaning it has a wider body than a standard pin and also has more toys. There was also a "SuperGame" gameplay, which has 4 unique modes, a unique 6-ball multi ball, and a 100 million Super Shot.

The prototype of this game varied slightly from the production game. According to the Internet Pinball Machine Database;

"The planet "Deadworld" feature located on the upper left playfield was redesigned for all production games from the version that existed on prototype games (test games) like the one shown in the flyer. The test game version would lock balls on a ring that rotated slowly around the planet, until the third ball was locked, and then all three balls would be released by the Space Station Robotic Arm (a magnetic crane) for multi-ball. This is the only "SuperPin" game to have this, making it a truly unique machine.

In the production games, the locks are virtual and only the third locked ball is actually diverted to the planet, where it goes directly from the loading ramp to the crane and is lifted out immediately. The holes in the ring were cut open so if the crane ever failed, the balls will just fall off the ring as it turns."

Some speculated that it was changed due to failure on the machines part, but game designer John Trudeau insisted that was not the case. A German distributor saw the potential for the mechanism to fault, so the game was changed due to that.

You can find them for sale online rather often since around 7,000 were made. The average price for them is $3K.

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