Life is Strange: Before the Storm Will Conclude Just Before Christmas

Life is Strange: Before the Storm has been ticking along for a little while now and it has gotten pretty good word of mouth. Some people were worried when it was announced, especially when original developer Dontnod wasn't back and there were new voice actors, but thus far the work of Deck Nine has come out pretty well.

Life Is Strange new characters

The prequel series is going to finish its journey before the end of the year is up too. It's been announced by Square Enix (via IGN) that the final episode is going to make a very late entry into 2017, and launch December 20. That is just under that Christmas wire. It should get you nice and snug into the holiday mood too; the title of the episode is 'Hell is Empty' which sounds nice and festive.

Here is a teaser for the episode:

Here's hoping that the game sees out its course as strongly as it has walked thus far.

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