Little Nightmares Season Pass Details Are Here


Bandai Namco has detailed their season pass details for horror puzzler Little Nightmares. Called Secrets of the Maw, the expansion pass will contain 3 new chapters for Tarsier's side-scrolling horror game.

The first of the new chapters, The Depth, takes place in the Maw's decayed, flooded basement and will be released in July. The Hideaway, a "machine-themed section," will follow in November. And the final chapter, described only as "a last secret location offering a different perspective on [Little Nightmares protagonist] Six's adventures," is due out in January 2018.

The new chapters will tell a "parallel escape story" to the main game, according to the announcement, with players controlling The Runaway Kid, another prisoner aboard the Maw.

While playing the base game was enjoyable, with a ton of small details and surprises, the game ultimately felt far too short. With new content, hopefully we'll get a bit more to sink our teeth into.

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