Lost Ark Revealed New Details To The September 2022 Update

Amazon Games has released new details about the September 2022 update coming to Lost Ark, which will launch into the game on September 28th. This update will have a few additions and change things up a little as it will include the fifth Gunner Advanced Class in Lost Ark Academy. This will ultimately help guide players through futuristic weaponry as you'll have access to items such as lasers, machine guns, drones, and abilities powered by unique energy cores. I mean, if the image below didn't give it away that you'rte turning the game into an arms race featuring their version of Tony Stark, I don't know what else would. You can read more about the new class below and see the full notes here.

Lost Ark Revealed New Details To The September 2022 Update
Credit: Amazon Games

The Machinist comes armed with an arsenal of high-tech weapons and a Drone capable of remote, precise strikes and unique attacks. When standard weapons and drone strikes aren't enough to take down a target, the Machinist can activate their identity skill and suit up in cutting-edge technology with the Hypersync ability. Energy cores for the high-tech Hypersync suit can be charged by landing attacks, and once entered, Hypersync core energy will be expended by abilities until the Machinist runs out.

The Machinist's skills are split into four categories; Normal, Drone, Combo, and Sync. Normal skills are centered around the high-tech arsenal of guns, grenades, packed by the Machinist, which all charge the Hypersync Battery. Drone skills are focused on utilizing the Drone in unique ways— firing missiles, lasers, and even baby Drones out in precise, remote strikes. Joint skills are focused on the Machinist and Drone working together in harmony to unleash powerful joint attacks. Lastly, Sync skills are the uniquely powerful attacks unleashed by the high-tech suit that can only be accessed while Hypersync is active.

Like other Lost Ark Advanced Classes, the Machinist has two unique Class Engravings that enhance different aspects of the class. The Evolutionary Legacy Class Engraving is focused on the Hypersync Mode, adding damage, reducing cooldowns, and granting Core Energy back to maximize time spent in the high-tech suit. Enhancing another key aspect of the class, the Arthentinean Skill Class Engraving is centered around the Machinist's teamwork with the Drone, by increasing Drone and Joint skills and movement speed while the Drone is attached to the Machinist.

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