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Lost Ark Drops New Details On The December 2023 Update
Amazon Games has revealed new details to the next update for Lost Ark, as the December 2023 update will bring you a holiday event before the year ends Going with the theme Voldis Wonderland, the content will add a new continent to explore, a new season of Proving Grounds, a new Guardian Raid, updates to[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Final Details To September 2023 Update
Amazon Games have released the last few notes for their next update to Lost Ark, revealing what's to come as part of the September 2023 update Some of the new features coming this time around include the new Jump-Start Servers, designed to give players a fresh beginning with a fast way to progress in several[...]
Lost Ark Reveals New Details About The August 2023 Update
Amazon Games released a new blog and video update this week for Lost Ark as they delved deeper into what's on the way this month The biggest addition this time around is the inclusion of the new Aeromancer class, as well as a new Legion Raid that will take up a lot of your time,[...]
Lost Ark Reveals The Final Roadmap Of Content For 2023
Amazon Games revealed new details this week about the last roadmap of content they have planned for 2023 in Lost Ark The focus over the next few months is content that is based on player feedback, as the team is looking to reduce lag and bring time and get you more into having fun with[...]
Lost Ark Launches The July Update With New Additions
Amazon Games has officially launched the July 2023 update for Lost Ark, bringing with it some truly horrifying content and additions to the game As you can see from the clown looking to destroy your life below, the biggest addition is the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid, which will give you an entirely new challenge to overcome[...]
Amazon Games Announces June Update Plans For Lost Ark
Amazon Games posted a brand new blog this week, revealing their plans for the next update to Lost Ark happening this month The big news for this is that players will be venturing off to Elgacia, the land of Lazeniths, as you explore their city of light they call Ereonnor As well as the blessed[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Details And Release Date For May Update
Amazon Games dropped new details this afternoon for a new update coming to Lost Ark for the month of May Among the new additions will be the fifth Advanced class Warrior in the Slayer, a brand new Punika Powerpass, the Engraving Support Systemm, and a brand new Hyper Express event are all one the way[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Content Roadmap For Summer 2023
Amazon Games dropped new info this week for the content coming in Lost Ark, as they give more insight into Summer 2023 The content is going to change the way the game is played over the next few months as players will see several changes in an effort to add better support for both new[...]
Lost Ark Reveals New Details To The March 2023 Update
Amazon Games have revealed new info for the incoming March update for Lost Ark, including the official release date for the content We now know the content will be released on March 15, and with it comes the all-new class known as The Artist, as well as a major update they're calling the "Art Of[...]
Lost Ark Announces Play For First Anniversary Celebration
Amazon Games have announced that they will be releasing new content in the Lost Ark February Update to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary One year ago, the team released the full version of the game, providing monthly updates and events to challenge players across the board and provide content with their new IP One year[...]
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Amazon Games released a new blog today for Lost Ark, going over what's to come in the February 2023 update, as well as One-year Anniversary plans. The update will introduce a new continent called Rowen, where you'll run into two competing factions called the Preigelli and the Liebertane Both of whom are competing for Sylmael, which[...]
Lost Ark & The Witcher Crossover Set To Launch January 18th
Amazon Games have put an official launch date for their Lost Ark x The Witcher crossover event, which will happen on January 18th The team has been working to put a brand new location and content within the game for you to explore, which will officially launch next Tuesday into the game We got the[...]
Lost Ark Shows Of 2023 Roadmap With Year-Long Plans
Amazon Games posted a new blog entry today showing off what they have planned for Lost Ark with the 2023 roadmap The blog goes over the content the team are planning to bring into the game over the next four months, and while it may not be a complete picture of every little thing, it[...]
Lost Ark Reveals New Details To The December 2022 Update
Amazon Games has released new info today about the upcoming December 2022 update for Lost Ark, set to drop tomorrow This update will bring about a new class for you to play with in the form of the Summoner Advanced class, which runs as part of the Mage Advanced Classes With it comes a number[...]
Lost Ark Announces New Details For The Witcher Crossover
Amazon Games has revealed new details to their new crossover event coming to Lost Ark, as The Witcher will make its presence known Working with CD Projekt Red, the two companies will launch a brand new limited-time crossover event in which we'll see Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno, and several[...]
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Amazon Games revealed a few new details to the November 2022 update coming to Lost Ark, including the new Reaper class on the way This will be an entirely new way of tackling battles as this will be the third Assassin Advanced Class, and all of its skills and techniques will follow around one of[...]
The Next Lost Ark Update Will Arrive On October 26th
Amazon Games revealed the official release date for the next Lost Ark update, and the October 2022 version is coming October 26th Officially being called the "Mystics and Mayhem" update, three different raids are being added to the mix as you'll be able to take part in the Vykas Inferno Difficulty Legion, Achates Trial Guardian[...]
Amazon Games Reveals Season 2 Pass For Lost Ark
Amazon Games has announced a brand-new Ark Pass coming to Lost Ark as they revealed the details of Season 2 The primary pass is free to all players as you'll be able to complete missions in 30 different levels to unlock several new rewards, including Pheons, pirate coins, and a Legendary Card Pack There are,[...]
Amazon Games Reveals End Of Year Roadmap For Lost Ark
Amazon Games revealed more details about the content they have planned for the rest of 2022 in Lost Ark, as they look to next year The team penned an entire blog about what they have planned for the rest of October, as well as November and December They're basically looking to make the last 12[...]
Lost Ark Revealed New Details To The September 2022 Update
Amazon Games has released new details about the September 2022 update coming to Lost Ark, which will launch into the game on September 28th This update will have a few additions and change things up a little as it will include the fifth Gunner Advanced Class in Lost Ark Academy This will ultimately help guide[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Under The Arkesian Sun Update Release Date
Amazon Games revealed more details for the August update to Lost Ark called Under The Arkesian Sun, including the release date The update comes with some new options as it will finally introduce the Pet Ranch to the game This is a brand new Stronghold location where players can play and interact with their pets, which[...]
Amazon Games Reveals More Info On Lost Ark July 2022 Update
Amazon Games dropped a ton of details today about their upcoming massive update for Lost Ark this month, Spells In Spades We have a list of items from the developers for you below to read through, and this doesn't even cover half of everything that's on the way You can check out these notes and[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Content Roadmap For June & July 2022
Amazon Games dropped a bunch of new info about the next update coming to Lost Ark before it launches into the game on Thursday Coming in on the very last day to qualify as the "June Update", this one is officially being called the "Wrath of the Covetous Legion" update, which will introduce Thronespire, a[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Content Roadmap For June & July 2022
Amazon Games revealed some of the new updates coming to Lost Ark as we got the roadmap for both June and July this year Some of the big additions on the way include new gameplay challenges through Legion and Guardian Raids, which will give you a lot of amazing challenges The roadmap also goes over some[...]
Amazon Games Reveals More Info For Lost Ark's May Update
Amazon Games has a new update on the way for Lost Ark this month, which will bring in a ton of content to keep you busy and some fun additions The big theme of the month seems to revolve around destruction as they will bring about a new punishing Legion Raid, a new Guardian Raid,[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Content Roadmap For The Next Two Months
Amazon Games released a new trailer for Lost Ark today, going over some of the new content on the way for the 2022 Update Previously we discussed the new class coming to the game as players will soon have the Glaivier, and we have more info below about the new region coming to the game[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Content Roadmap For The Next Two Months
Amazon Games has released more info this week on their upcoming plans for Lost Ark as they revealed a new roadmap for April and May Over the next two months we're going to be getting two new advanced class fighters that you'll be able to fight with, new regions added to the game for you[...]
Picking Up Another Fantasy MMORPG: We Review Lost Ark
For about a year, we had heard rumblings of what Lost Ark was doing in South Korea, but had no idea what to expect when it ventured West When Amazon Games announced it had decided to take on publishing duties for a free-to-play game, that's when we realized something special might be on the way[...]
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Amazon Games has dropped a large update into Lost Ark today as players are getting a ton of new content and fixes for the month of March The team announced several new additions to the game today, including the new Kadan story episode, the Arkesia Grand Prix, the Argos raid boss, competitive Proving Grounds, a[...]
Lost Ark Receives New March Update With Added Storylines
Amazon Games has released a new update for the month of March into Lost Ark, bringing a bevy of content that will keep you busy for a while The primary addition to this is the introduction of Kadan, which is a brand new storyline that comes with its own quests set apart from the main[...]