Mario Kart Tour Kicks Off A New Berlin-Themed Tour

Nintendo revealed this week that they have kicked off a two-week Berlin-themed event in Mario Kart Tour for you to enjoy! The event has launched in the game right now with the latest update and will run until January 26th at 9:59 p.m. PT. The update comes with a new course themed like the German city, as well as new costumes for many of the characters, but specifically Luigi. As you can see him here, and yes, his side-eye when you pass him is even more menacing in that hat. We got more details on it for you here with photos and a trailer showing off the course.

Luigi clad in lederhosen with a sausage, but it's Nintendo, so no beer. Courtesy of Nintendo.
Luigi clad in lederhosen with a sausage, but it's Nintendo, so no beer. Courtesy of Nintendo.

In the real world, people can often spot Berlin's signature red and green men, known as Ampelmännchen, adorning its pedestrian crossings across the city. It's only fitting that Mario Kart Tour's visit to Berlin brings its own signature red and green men: Mario and Luigi! Of course, whenever Lakitu's light turns green, it's time to burn rubber, so this tour's featured driver is the mean, green racing machine, Luigi.

Luigi's dressed to impress with some traditional German flavor in week one of the Berlin Tour – you'll be able to deploy him in his jaunty new lederhosen getup! It's fair to say Luigi's rarely looked this lustrous. Better buckle up, because he's ready to let loose with some tire screeches in his leather breaches. Try out the new Fast Frank kart or the Butterfly Wings glider, too, for a scenic ride past the iconic Berlin TV Tower.

In week two of the Berlin Tour, Luigi continues to mix it up with the addition of Penguin Luigi, Builder Luigi and Luigi (Classic). Choose from new additions such as the Sushi Racer kart and the Blooper Wingtip glider as you continue your tour through the sights and sounds of Berlin. Keep your eyes peeled for famous landmarks such as the neoclassical monument, the Brandenburg Gate, and the historic East Side Gallery.

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