Marvel Heroes Omega Confirmed For Spring 2017 But Hey, It Has The X-Men


Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel announced yesterday that Marvel Heroes Omega, an action-packed RPG/MMO, a spin-off of Marvel Heroes 2016, will bring together the Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, the Avengers, the Defenders and more. Basically every Marvel hero you could want is in this game, unsurprisingly. And the game's story is a pretty basic MMO plot involving the Cosmic Cubes, so, basically a snoozefest. Granted, no one wants to play Marvel Heroes for the story.

Alongside the announcement, Marvel and Gazillion released a bunch of screenshots of the game in action. And it does look decently fun. You've just got to wonder why they're being so vague about the game's release date with only two months left of Spring 2017.


Marvel Heroes Omega will be playable on PS4 and Xbox One, and is basically just a console port of Marvel Heroes 2016. Speaking of the PC game, they really need to update that game title, huh? It's been around since 2013, but hasn't been updated since 2016 and thus, we're stuck with an ongoing F2P MMO with an expiration date.

Marvel Heroes Omega is the exact same game, with the same graphics, mechanics, and multiplayer co-op as the PC title. Oh, and it actually includes the X-Men, which is surprising for Marvel game being released in 2017. Everyone's favorite underdogs appear here likely because it's just a port of a game that existed before the "No More Mutants" stance. Still, it is nice to see the mutants getting some pixelated love, even if it isn't anything new.

So if you've been wanting to play Marvel Heroes but don't like PC gaming, you'll get your shot to play the game on console sometime soon. The announcement trailer is below.

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