"Marvel Strike Force" Adds Black Bolt & Sales In Latest Update

FoxNext Games sent out a new update this week to Marvel Strike Force as Black Bolt makes his presence known, along with a special sale. First off, the game gets the second Legendary Blaster, as those who are struck by Black Bolt cannot be revived by any means. That's a hell of a fighter to have on your team. To unlock Black Bolt, players will need the help of the Asgardian Gods: Loki, Thor, Hela, and the incoming Sif and Heimdall at five stars. If you can't unlock him between now and Thanksgiving, you won't get another chance until April 2020. Meanwhile, the other half of the Marvel Strike Force update has a sale going from November 24th-28th, which we have the details of what's happening on all those days for you here.

Credit: FoxNext
  • All 5 Days

    • 10 Power Cores For 10 Character Shards, 10K Gold, or 10 Purple Gear

    • 425 Power Cores for 2 Orbs – Over 50% off

  • Sunday, 11/24

    • $5 7 Day Resource Calendar

    • $15 Cable (100 Shards) – Over 80% off

  • Monday, 11/25

    • $10 Orange Gear Elite Orb – Over 70% off

    • $5 Purple Cat – Over 90% off

    • $1 Blue Cat – Over 90% off-2

  • Tuesday, 11/26

    • $15 Gold – Over 70% off

    •  $5 7 Day Draft Orb Calendar

  • Wednesday, 11/27

    • $10 Korath (100 Shards) – Over 90% off

    • $50 SHIELD Team Offer – Over 80% off

  • Thanksgiving, 11/28

    • $25 Golden Orb Frenzy – Over 60% off

    • $10 Premium Orb – Over 70% off

    • $20 Blue Gear Bundle – Over 80% off

    • $30 Purple Gear Bundle – Over 80% off

Credit: FoxNext
Credit: FoxNext

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