Microsoft Is Apparently Testing 1080p Streaming For Xbox Game Pass

According to a few reports, Microsoft appears to be testing 1080p streaming for Xbox Game Pass, which would be a big upgrade. The news originally broke from Windows Central, who have been fielding reports of testing happening behind the scenes as the company appears to be taking the next steps to improve the picture and streaming quality of the games in their library. Here are a couple of snippets from the article.

Wouldn't it be nice to stream games from the service in a higher quality HD? Because we would love it. Courtesy of Microsoft.
Wouldn't it be nice to stream games from the service in a higher quality HD? Because we would love it. Courtesy of Microsoft.

Reports have suggested that Microsoft is planning to upgrade the Xbox cloud streaming servers from Xbox One architecture to Xbox Series X architecture over the course of this year, and we may have started to see some of the fruits of that labor. Trusted sources recently sent us this screencap from the Xbox streaming test tools for developers, which comes with a dev overlay for benchmarking network connectivity, as well as resolution. […] It appears as though Microsoft is already in the process of testing 1080p streams for xCloud, which would bring it in line with Google Stadia's baseline "free" tier and other similar streaming services. The latest update to the test streaming app also supports direct console streaming, which also streams nicely at 1080p.

It would be a great relief to see Xbox Game Pass be upgraded in this way, as we currently can only stream in 720p, and the difference is heavily noticeable. Especially when you're playing newer titles that you know for a fact have been tailor-made to be HDR accessible and should shimmer in 4K, but look like they're being played on a TV with some kind of oily film on it. Here's hoping we get an official announcement about it sometime soon.

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