Mirage: Arcane Warfare's Closed Beta Will Launch March 27th



Torn Banner Studios announced that the closed beta for their upcoming multiplayer action game Mirage: Arcane Warfare will start March 27th. Players interested in joining the action in Mirage will gain access when they pre-order a copy of the game. The game has been under closed Alpha tests since September 2016, though all those details have been under an NDA.

The closed beta will give players access to most of the game in a long-term format that will be close to the full release. Which is pretty nice for a closed beta test. That doesn't mean there won't be changes after the beta, but joining a beta is a great way to get an idea of what exactly the game will feel like.



Included in the beta are six playable classes including the Vypress and Taurant as well as the reveal of the new Entropist class, each of the six with customizable magic ability loadouts and emotes. The Entropist class is a "jolly, portly mage imbued with terrifying, often hilarious powers who rides a flying carpet and wields a magic staff" so, there's that. Over 10 maps will be available during the beta, each available for the game's multiple multiplayer game modes including team objective, capture the flag, point capture, and all of that with automatic matchmaking.

Pre-Orders will start on the 27th and provide additional rewards alongside the beta access. Those who already own Torn Banner's previous game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on steam will get a 10% discount on Mirage. The Standard Edition of Mirage will set you back by $29.99 USD for beta access, the full version of Mirage: Arcane Warfare, the "Bones of the Bygone" helmet pack, and an optional upgrade to the Special Edition. Said Special Edition will cost you just $10 USD more (so $39.99 for those who hate math) and will give you all the Standard Edition perks as well as the original soundtrack, the "Honor Masks" helmet pack, Welcom Random Drops Package, HD Fan Pack (wallpapers, art, and a world map), and the complete edition of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.


Of all the possible pre-order bonuses, closed beta access and some vanity helmets are probably not the worst Torn Banner could do. Pre-orders are a great way for companies to earn money off sales immediately, which can often be a way to get yourself a copy of a broken game. More and more games have launched with a load of day-one glitches and massive day-one patches because of the rush to ship games on time.

Having said all that, the fact that you need to pre-order the game for closed beta access just seems like a total misunderstanding of why gamers like to join beta tests in the first place.

Coverage of the Vigilist class, one of the six character classes available can be found here.

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