Mods Have Arrived in the Xbox One Edition of Cities: Skylines

Mods Have Arrived in the Xbox One Edition of Cities: Skylines

Consoles are very, very slowly getting in on the mods game that PC gamers have been enjoying for decades now, and Paradox Interactive is the latest to bring mods to the Xbox One edition of their city builder Cities: Skylines.

Available today as a free addition to the game for all players on Xbox One, a selection of mods originally created by members of the Cities: Skylines community has been personally curated by Paradox Interactive and Tantalus Media and brought to the new platform. These mods allow players to add new building models, unique items, and more to their in-game cities.

The mod content can be accessed through an in-game menu after installing the latest free update to Cities: Skylines.These mods, originally designed by some of Cities' most creative and talented fans on PC platforms, appear with their creators' permission as free content for Xbox One players.

Sandra Neudinger, Product Manager at Paradox Interactive, said:

"Mod content is one of the core features that Paradox fans have come to expect from our games, and we've always valued our users' creativity as one of the best parts of our community. We've been working together with Tantalus to see if there was a way to bring mods to our console players that was as enjoyable as it has been on other platforms, and with help from the Xbox team, we're ready to let our fans give mods a try in Cities: Skylines. If things keep going well, we're eager to see which mods may appear in the future as we keep testing and working on this content!"

To celebrate this addition, Paradox is also preparing to release the Content Creator Pack next month on March 6th. This pack, also included as part of the Season Pass and the Premium Edition on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will add a series of new buildings designed by two of Cities'most talented modelers. Including a series of unique structures, service buildings, and new residential & commercial styles, the Content Creator Pack will allow players to spruce up their cities with Art Deco architecture and technological marvels.

While you still can't code your own mods on the Xbox One edition of Cities: Skylines, at least you can enjoy some of the more popular PC mods on the console version of the game.

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