NACON Officially Announces "Hunting Simulator 2"

NACON and Neopica announced this week that they would be releasing Hunting Simulator 2 for PC and all three consoles, most of them in late June 2020. The game has been given a complete overhaul, keeping the aspects that worked will taking out parts that didn't. As well as offering a new appearance and features, like having a dog help you track down animals. The game will become available in North America on June 25th for PC and June 30th for PS4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will be released later on.

NACON Officially Announces "Hunting Simulator 2"
Credit: NACON

Among the many new features of Hunting Simulator 2, hunting fans can rely on their hunting dog, whose abilities will be a big asset for tracking down game. The tracking, approach, and hide phases have been faithfully reproduced for total immersion. There are over 33 animal species to find in Hunting Simulator 2. The artificial intelligence for each species has had significant work put in to recreate their unique and realistic behaviors. With help from your four-legged companion, learn how to follow their tracks to complete your objectives.

Via an all-new interface, hunters can also choose every piece of their gear to ensure they use the most suitable equipment for their prey and the various environments found in Hunting Simulator 2. Side-by-side or over/under shotguns, bolt-action or lever-action rifles with trigger guard, elastic ranged weapons… over 75 official weapons and accessories as well as 90 clothing items from the sport's specialist brands have been immaculately recreated: Browning, Winchester, Verney Carron, Bushnell, Kryptek and many more!

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